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Australian Screen Sound Guild Dec 2010 newsletter

p10 A new Biography on James Currie. Reviewed by Tony Murtagh


Sound in Film: a discussion - Movietime - 14 January 2011 podcast

Listen to the podcast interview of James Currie

Sound in film : a discussion - Movietime - 14 January 2011

Presenter Julie Rigg, Radio National, ABC

So I was interested to read another Australian book published recently: Conversations With a Sound Man. Andrew Zielinski has made a book out of extended conversations with veteran Australian sound recorder, mixer and designer James Currie, who has worked with such directors as Rolf de Heer and Paul Cox. James is unusual in that he takes the process through from the location recording to final mix

Conversations with a Sound Man book launch

SAFC Media Release: James Currie. Conversations with a Sound Man.




James Currie has operated under the Centre Track banner since 1980 for the international and Australasian film industries. James's work as a sound designer encompasses location recording, post production sound supervision, sound editing and sound mixing.  jcurrie@iprimus.com.au
  On location in Kalupapa, Hawaii